Art Bento Program @ HiSAM

Mahalo! We thank all the schools who have submitted applications for School Year 2021-22!

posted January 15, 2021

Hawai`i Arts Alliance provides program support for the Art Bento Program @ HiSAM and we are now accepting applications from schools to participate in the program for the 2021-22 school year.


The SY2021-22 Art Bento Program @ HiSAM is a museum education program of the Hawai`i State Art Museum serving Oahu public and public charter school elementary students, Grades 2 – 6, and their teachers. This four-part inquiry-based program actively engages students and teachers through activities connected to current arts standards and ELA Common Core Standards. This unique multi-disciplinary educational opportunity emphasizes arts and visual literacy and is led by qualified teaching artists from the HSFCA’s Artistic Teaching Partners (ATP) roster.


There is no cost to schools to participate in the program and funds for bus transportation are also provided. Due to COVID 19, all SY2020-21 Art Bento Activities have been conducted online. The program is prepared to operate in person or online for SY2021-22.


Learn more about the program on the SFCA website:

Download application materials here.

Submission deadline is

Friday, March 12, 2021, 4 pm HST.

  1. Memo to DOE Complex Area Superintendents and Principals

  2. Art Bento Program Flyer

  3. SY2021-22 Application Instructions

  4. SY2021-22 Application

  5. Scoring Rubric for Application


Contact Lei Ahsing

Tel. 808-533-2787

Fax. 808-526-5040

P.O. Box 3948

Honolulu, HI 96812-3948




Allowing the kids to view and observe art really opens so many doors of opportunities to learn. It also enriches the child as a whole and allows kids to express themselves freely.


The students really look forward to these opportunities in class. They love the open-endedness that the arts encourage.


Given the opportunities to be exposed to the real artwork, to explore the beautiful museum, to express who they are through art. I am so grateful that all the museum staff/teaching artists are so warm and the fact that they treat our students with great amount of respect. Thank you!