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Creative Artists Workshops 2021, Cycle 1 sessions will be 1.5-hours/ea in length.
The webinars will include discussion, breakout rooms, and Q&A along with handouts.


(Registration for this Cycle is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.)

All workshops will be virtual from 5:30-7:00 pm HST. Participants must be Hawaii residents.

A Zoom link will be emailed after registration has been processed (usually within one business day).

February 16
Workshop #1 ~ Basic Budgeting & Financial Skills

(registration for this session is closed)
Presenters: Paul Arakawa and Vivien Salvador, Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union
● Bank account (checking & savings)
● Personal and Business accounts
● Files organized for Taxes monthly (tabs/categories)
● General Excise Tax License


February 23
Workshop #2 ~ Branding Your Arts Business

(registration for this session is closed)
Presenters: Bella Hughes & Ara Laylo
● Nuts and bolts of starting a business
● Develop clear statement
● Develop a logo/trademark


March 2
Workshop #3 ~ Marketing & Social Media
(registration for this session is closed)

Presenters: Tracy Chan, & Katie Kaanapu
● Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter) with Tracy Chan
● Marketing/PR format & announcement with Katie Kaanapu

March 9
Workshop #4 ~ Building a Portfolio, Resume & Elevator Pitch

(registration for this session is closed)

Presenters: Meleanna Meyer, Rosina Potter, & Aaron Salā
● Create a resume for a visual artist & a performing artist
● What to include in a portfolio
● Craft an elevator pitch

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