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Invest In Imagination


Contribute to our Invest in Imagination Campaign! Help us Promote the ARTS, Build Community through the ARTS, and Teach the ARTS.

Any amount will help support these great programs.  Arts for every child. When we act locally to ensure a whole education for our youth, we prepare them for a global future. The arts provide the necessary tools to assist children to learn, to activate new ideas, to build literacy – and be better global citizens.

The Hawai‘i Arts Alliance is partnering with other organizations to reduce the stigma of mental illness & promote healing through art therapy.

The Alliance is also creating a network of Hawai‘i artists to better advocate and serve the creative community.  We are hoping to provide information and resources to help artists of all levels improve their networks, businesses, and communities.

Donating through PayPal Giving fund will allow us to receive the full value of your gift. After your donation, PayPal Giving Fund will email you a receipt and pass your donation on to us. If you choose to share your name and email with us, we may recognize you in our annual report and send you occasional updates.

Signing up for small, monthly donations is also extremely effective. Your monthly donation adds up and helps us support and advocate for the arts year-round! 

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