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At Hawai‘i Arts Alliance, we believe the creative community will help us through this pandemic, they are helping us maintain our empathy & humanity through online concerts, dance parties, and art classes. When the quarantine is relaxed, they will give us reason to gather in public spaces and rediscover our "new normal" with our community. With this in mind, we organized a Virtual Arts Advocacy Day on May 1, 2020! Below, you'll find the recordings of the three online sessions along with supporting materials. Thank you to everyone who joined us to make this a fun, informative, & successful day!

Session #1: Seated Dance Session

Friday May 1, 2020 10:00am HST

Got Spring Fever from sheltering in place? Let’s wiggle it out with seated dances that the whole family can participate in!


Peter Rockford Espiritu

Executive & Artistic Director, Tau Dance Theater

Desiree & Wayland Quintero

Co-founders, ILI Dances

Sai Bhatwadekar

Associate Professor at the University of Hawaii

Director, Center for South Asian Studies

Movement & counts for first seated dance

Session #2: Hawaiʻi Works Progress:
Talk Story with Legislators

Friday May 1, 2020 1:00pm HST
Now more than ever, Hawaiʻi needs an extensive works progress program to help rejuvenate the economy. In this talk story with our representatives (Rep. Ed Case-HI 1, Rep. Amy Perruso-House 46), we ask if a Hawaiʻi Works Progress Program could be started to help employ thousands of artists of all disciplines and rejuvenate Hawaiʻi’s economy. This is the opportunity to dream and design a new era using the innovative solutions that the creative community can provide.

What The Depression-Era Works Progress Administration Can Teach Us About The Arts During A Crisis

Session #3: Family Arts for Quarantine:
Friday May 1, 2020 3:00pm HST
Get the whole family to make an instrument, recreate a Hawaii Artwork, and write your own hip hop rhymes, then take the Arts Quarantine Challenge!



Ben Fairfield

UH Manoa Music Dept


Nikki Rosengren

State Foundation of Culture & the Arts Education Dept.


Navid Najafi

Writing Rap

Instructions to create a tin can drum

I am I be Hip Hop writing challenge

We at the Hawai‘i Arts Alliance are also being greatly affected by the shutdown. Please consider helping us advocate for & support the local creative community by donating what you can:

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