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Creative Resurgence Advocacy

Hawai‘i Arts Alliance, along with other local organizations are advocating for a Creative Resurgence Caucus at the State Legislature to call attention to the local Creative Community & advance legislation that benefits the Creative Sector, which in turn, will benefit the community & economy at large. 

Creatives are essential workers in our society and our economy, helping us recover, reflect, and rebuild. First responders save lives. Creatives are our second responders, keeping us sane through the chaos and helping to heal, putting people’s lives back together through artful outlets.
Arts, creativity, and humanities make us stronger—as individuals, families, communities, islands, and as a state. They are the backbone of innovation, prosperity, and thriving people and places. Public funding for arts, creativity, and humanities is a high-return investment that benefits every Hawaii resident in every city, town, and rural community statewide. Arts, creativity, and humanities are a state economic engine. They provide people with the foundation for creativity, equipping an innovative
workforce, generating new ideas in every field, and keeping our nation globally competitive. Arts, creativity, and humanities strengthen economic health by creating jobs in multiple industries, driving tourism, and providing opportunities for young people.


If you have not read the Creative Resurgence Caucus proposal, you can read it here and sign in support.

We are also gathering Creative Resurgence Stories to share with our representatives. Please tell us your story of how the creative sector impacts your life. 

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